Using animals for human entertainment often results in profound suffering. Circuses, zoos and marine parks take animals away from their natural environment and force them to live in poor conditions, often enduring ongoing abuse.

Animal ‘entertainments’ such as horse racing and bullfighting have little to no concern for the welfare of the animals who are forced to push themselves to the limits of physical endurance, or death, for the benefit of human audiences.

As a committed vegetarian, Michael Kern actively promotes the ban of all abusive sports and pastimes that result in cruelty to animals.


Travelling circuses keep large wild animals contained in small cages or enclosures for long periods of time. Many performing animals are trained using cruel methods involving violence and intimidation and are either captured from their natural habitats or born into a life of slavery. The British Veterinary Association confirms that the circumstances of a travelling circus cannot comfortably accommodate wild animals, meaning even those treated with as much respect as possible will suffer.

Zoos, Aquariums and Marine Parks

Zoos, aquariums and marine parks remove wild animals from their natural habitats, where most of them would roam or swim many miles each day, placing them instead in small cages or tanks. Even in the best parks, these creatures have few opportunities to engage in natural behaviours. Many have physical and mental health issues as a result of being cooped up. In the worst cases, animals in captivity are abused and forced to perform tricks for human entertainment, often using cruel methods. Many animals in zoos and marine parks exhibit signs of mental distress, yet nothing is done to help them.

Horse Racing and Bullfighting

Horse racing and bullfighting are ‘sports’ in which humans force animals to engage in unnatural behaviours, test their endurance and, in the case of bullfights, suffer torment that ultimately leads to death. While horse racing may seem less cruel as death is not the goal, many horses nevertheless die as a result of injuries caused by being pushed too hard.

Those horses that do not die whilst they’re young and fit are often slaughtered once their racing days are over, and even those that are allowed to live often develop debilitating conditions due to unhealthy inbreeding.