For those travelling to India for the first time, the scale of the country can be daunting, but this shouldn’t be an obstacle. India’s cultural heritage is both rich and ancient, and varies widely from region to region. There’s so much to see, from traditional villages to bustling metropolises, and heavenly beaches to ancient temples.

Michael Kern is an experienced traveller in India’s Himalayan region, particularly in and around Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Lahoul, Zanskar and Darjeeling. It’s important for visitors not to try to do too much, but instead to take time to enjoy a few things properly.

Hundreds of special events and festivals take place all over the country each year, and the Goa Carnival is one of these. You can find out more about this carnival in the embedded video.

Staying Safe and Healthy

A few simple precautions will help you steer clear of two of the most common inconveniences of an Indian trip: an upset stomach and getting scammed. The famous ‘Delhi Belly’ is not a myth! Take care by eating in good restaurants where you can, only drink bottled water and avoid foods that may have been washed in tap water, such as salads and fruit. Ice cream is also best avoided, along with fruit that you yourself have not peeled.

It’s also a good to be wary of scammers. For example, some rickshaws and taxis take you to particular hotels or shops that will then charge you much extra. Anyway, most visitors do get ripped off in India, but by being aware you will hopefully not get ripped off too much!