Adjusting to a vegan diet can be a challenge, especially for those who have the habit of planning meals around meat, fish, dairy or other animal products.

Small adjustments can be made over time to gradually eliminate meat and animal products and replace them with healthy and nutritious plant-based alternatives. Trying new plant-based products can help to expand the available options and make it easier to move towards a fully vegan diet.

A new vegan may stumble on their journey, but with commitment and a few helpful tips, cutting out meat and animal products can be an enjoyable adventure rather than a hardship. Michael Kern has been a committed vegetarian for 45 years, due to his passionate advocacy for animal rights.

Veganize Your Favourites

When transitioning to a vegan diet some people find it difficult because they miss their favourite tastes. One way to resolve this is to find ways to veganize those meals rather then giving them up entirely. Although some meat substitutes can contain too much salt, replacing a meat chilli with a bean chilli, or bacon sandwich for a tempeh bacon sandwich, can help to prevent the feeling that you’re missing out.

Experimenting with New Cuisines

Going vegan can also be a great opportunity to experiment with dishes from previously untried cuisines. Looking at foods from around the world and experimenting with completely new, untested flavours and ingredients can make the transition to veganism exciting rather than difficult.

Crowding Out, Not Cutting Out

Transitioning to veganism is not about simply cutting out animal products; those that do this may miss them and begin to experience cravings. Instead, it can be helpful to crowd out those products by introducing multiple new flavours and ingredients that can start to make up the bulk of each meal … and eventually the whole meal.

Set Realistic Goals

When deciding to go vegan some people simply stop eating animal products overnight. Others see it as a gradual process; it’s all about doing what works best for you. Setting realistic goals and not beating yourself up if you give in to a craving can help make these transitions an easier process.