The Druk Padma Karpo School provides a comprehensive modern education for children in Ladakh, without losing sight of Ladakhi culture and tradition. The school features an award-winning design, created with sustainability and resilience as top priorities in the harsh climate and challenging landscape of the region. The school faces unique environmental demands, details of which can be viewed in the PDF attachment to this post.

Michael Kern is the founder of Drukpa Trust, a registered UK charity that raises funds for the school and supports the school’s development. Currently, funding is needed in a few key areas.

Repairing and Upgrading 

In 2010 a major mudslide hit the region, killing many people and destroying buildings. The school buildings were able to withstand this catastrophic event, but in 2016 several timber columns were identified by the school’s construction team as needing repairs following water seepage from the mudslide. Drukpa Trust and Arup Associates have put together a plan for repairs and upgrades to the school, focusing on safety and sustainability. As Ladakh is a region with occasional seismic activity, the capacity for the school buildings to withstand earthquakes is being upgraded at the same time. Once the work is complete, the school will become a refuge for the local community in such events.

Sustainable Design Throughout 

The whole school has been designed with sustainability in mind, including the gardens and surrounding grounds. Sports facilities, recreational areas, an orchard and a drip irrigation system have all been completed. The infographic attachment contains further information about how donations to the Drukpa Trust are used for the benefit of the school.

Volunteering Opportunities 

Between May and September, the school may have opportunities for volunteers with suitable qualifications and experience in French, English, PE, art, and music. As a charitable institution, these volunteers are important to the school’s work.

Volunteers wishing to apply should include their CV with their chosen subjects, along with information about their reasons for wishing to volunteer and the months they are available. The school asks successful applicants to commit to working at the school for a minimum of one to three months.

Employment Opportunities 

As well as volunteering opportunities, the growth of the school and the focus on modern teaching methods means that some paid work opportunities may also be available. The school welcomes applications from appropriately qualified individuals with an understanding of the Indian educational system.

If you wish to support the school’s development and progress, the short video attachment explains how you can make a financial donation.