India is vast country with many different cultures present across different regions. As such, it is wise not to try to do too much in one trip. Check out the embedded short video to find out about the Goa Carnival, just one of the many annual events that can be of interest to travellers. 

Many of the cities in India are busy and overcrowded, but the northern regions can provide a welcome and peaceful respite from the hustle. In the region of Ladakh, where Michael Kern has spent a great deal of time, one can experience the beautiful Himalayan mountains and ancient cultural influences with Himalayan Buddhism woven deep into the fabric of the local communities. 

Plan Your Trip 

Prior planning can take much of the stress out of a trip to India. It all depends on what the visitor is looking for. For example, a short trip of two weeks would be enough to take in the popular ‘Golden Triangle’, which takes in three cities including Delhi and includes the famous Taj Mahal. Take a look at the attached PDF for more details about some places of interest in Delhi 

Those who would prefer a beach holiday would be better heading south, while those looking to soak up India’s Himalayan traditions and rich spiritual cultures can explore the varied regions across the north 

Stay Healthy 

It can be easy for travellers to India to fall victim to the notorious upset stomach, sometimes called ‘Delhi belly’. Increase your chances of avoiding a holiday-ruining illness by taking a few simple precautions. Avoid tap water by drinking only bottled water and steering clear of foods which have been washed in tap water, such as salads. Don’t eat fruit you haven’t peeled yourself and don’t eat ice-cream either. Many travellers stick to vegetarian foods while in India and eat only in restaurants which are favoured by the locals.  

Don’t Get Ripped Off 

As with many popular tourist destinations, the traveller in India should be aware of the risk of getting ripped off. Keep your wits about you, but if you do get scammed keep it in perspective and try not to let it ruin your holiday! The attached infographic contains some statistics about tourism in India