Live To Love charities were founded by His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa, a renowned humanitarian based in the Himalayas who established this movement with a focus on using wisdom and kindness within communities to resolve challenges of the modern world. The Live To Love International network is comprised of a series of non-profit organisations working towards a common goal of kindness and understanding.

Michael Kern, founder of the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust and former Osteopath, is a supporter of Live To Love and the affiliated Druk Padma Karpo School in Ladakh.

Live to Love Aid

Live To Love provides emergency aid in the Himalayan regions in response to natural disasters, with a focus on assisting the most vulnerable groups. These include women and children in poorer communities, ethnic minorities and the elderly. In addition to providing first response aid, Live To Love works with communities after disasters to rebuild and reconnect. Certain ethnic groups in some regions of operation are often hit hard by disasters due to being from a ‘lower’ social status. Live To Love works to rebuild homes, deliver emergency medical supplies, and provide safe shelter during the monsoon season, among other activities.

Live to Love Rescue

Live To Love not only works to help humans; it is also very active in the field of animal protection to reduce animal suffering particularly among homeless dogs in the Himalayas. ‘Live To Rescue’ provides sterilisation for wild dogs and encourages harmonious relationships between people and dogs in the region. The organisation also works to find homes for stray dogs, many of whom have become homeless due to being abandoned. Live To Rescue is a partnership that includes Ladakh’s Animal Husbandry Department and the Young Drukpa Association.

Live to Love Heal

As well as emergency medical care for people in immediate need, Live To Love operates health services in conjunction with the World Health Organization. Live To Love has several local health clinics serving communities in the Himalayas, many of which are staffed by local people who have been given the training required to perform basic necessary health diagnosis and procedures. Many women in these communities have been empowered by Live To Love through these types of training programmes. The health centres also operate community outreach programmes to help deliver services to people in remote rural areas.