Since 2001, the Druk Padma Karpo School has been providing a high-quality education to children in Ladakh, in the Indian Himalayas. The school currently caters for more than 900 pupils between the ages of four and sixteen.

Funding to support the school is raised by the UK charity Drukpa Trust and the international NGO ‘Live to Love’. The Druk Padma Karpo School is itself managed and organised by the Druk Padma Karpo Educational Society, which is a local NGO. The attached PDF has more information about Drukpa Trust.

The Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust is one of the school’s active supporters. Michael Kern founded the Trust, and it donates a part of its profits each year to the school.

Education for the Modern World

The Druk Padma Karpo School provides an education that equips young people for modern life, while not losing sight of the rich culture and heritage of their homeland. Through a comprehensive English medium curriculum, the school also builds toward further education after matriculation exams are taken when pupils reach the age of 16.

At the same time, through participatory cultural educational activities such as traditional music, dance and crafts, pupils learn about their heritage. This helps children to prepare for modern life while not losing sight of their cultural identity and historical traditions.

Education for Everyone

The Druk Padma Karpo School and its supporters believe that everyone should have the opportunity for education. With this in mind, many children who might otherwise be unable to access education attend the school through a system of sponsorship that supports the children most in need. There are also on-site accommodation facilities for those who come from remote areas, which currently serve approximately 40% of the school’s student population.

Vocational development is promoted through sustainable practices in the school gardens, alongside other vocational courses that are provided in addition to the academic education. Health facilities and training add to the services available at the school.

A Cultural Education 

Throughout the year, many cultural and sporting activities take place at the school, with the active participation of the students. Archery, polo, dance and song all serve as centre-pieces for regular gatherings, that can have important social functions in the joyful and celebratory culture of Ladakh.

The Druk Padma Karpo School was founded by H.H. the Gyalwang Drukpa, spiritual leader of Ladakh, and Ladakhi spiritual values also play a significant role in the education provided. The school has received many awards, which you can find out about in the attached infographic.